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Black Sage Butcher
social media advertisement

Client: Black Sage Butcher

Industry: Food and Grocery

Timeline: 4 weeks


Black Sage Butcher was finding it difficult to communicate to their community that their meat is accessible price-wise for all demographics and budgets. 


We created this video to communicate that whether you're shopping on a budget, shopping for a family, doing a cleanse, craving comfort food, or wanting to splurge on something special, Black Sage Butcher is for you. 


We focused on bright and interesting colour pallets to increase viewer retention, and stop the scroll. 

This video was optimized for Facebook Ads and content, but was also delivered as a Reel in a 9:16 aspect ratio in order to be able to be posted and boosted on Instagram as well.


🐄 More brand recognition on social media

👔 A more professional appearance on their social media pages

☀️ Increased trust


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