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about awesome business videos

we are Awesome Business Videos

Professional Video Production for brands, businesses  and NPOs in Kelowna, BC.

About Awesome Business Videos

How We're Different:

We believe video is the most powerful marketing tool in 2024 - if you know how to use it.

Rather than "make cool-looking videos", we design strategic marketing assets that are focused on gaining the results you're looking for. Which means more trust, increased sales, automating repetitive tasks and improved brand recognition. 

Our job is to step inside your ideal customer's shoes, ensuring that the message we craft is tailored to what they need to hear. That way we bridge the gap between your product or service and your ideal client needs and desires.

Our Process:

Pre-Production: Your Pre-production prep and Deep Dive session (having an in-person strategy session) happen here. This is the stage where we get to know your brand and business in depth, also understanding the exact goal of your video(s).

Production: This is the fun part. We film on-location, to capture all the footage we need to create your videos.


Post-Production:  Our team takes your footage and works their magic on it using video editing software.

Delivery: We deliver the finished video assets to you in a reveal call. You tell us what you love or don't love. We make a decision about any revisions to be made in order to make it exactly what you want. 

Implementation Coaching: Together we walk through how you can use your new video assets, to make sure you and your marketing team are getting the most from them.

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"i highly recommend jenna and louis

The whole experience has been amazing and I highly recommend Jenna and Louis to work with anyone who's looking for video marketing. There's absolutely no way I would have been able to do this on my own."

-Kelly Bateson Media

Our Values:

🎨 Creativity


We are committed to perfecting our craft to deliver a beautiful end result every time. 

​❤️ Authenticity


People buy from people, not companies. We love capturing your authentic brand, so your clients can get to know the real you.

💎 Quality


We believe that each project is an opportunity for us to truly add longterm value to your business. And we are deeply honoured to have this opportunity.

​🤝 Relationships


Our priority is to get to know your brand deeply, and build a partnership which is mutually beneficial from the start.

🌷 Compassion


We're all human, doing our best. We get it. Our job is to bring openness, compassion, and joy into every project we undertake.

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Sounds like we might be a fit? Great.

Let's make something awesome. 

About Awesome Business Videos
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