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Black Sage Butcher
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Client: Black Sage Butcher

Industry: Food and Grocery

Timeline: 4 weeks


Black Sage Butcher, an artisanal, culinary butcher shop located in the Southern-Okanagan wanted to communicate the fact that they source all antibiotic-free, hormone-free, organic, and grass fed meat. This is one of their unique selling points, so we decided to feature this important message in it's own video: Au Naturel.


We wanted to create something that matched their personalities; friendly, quirky, good sense of humour, and artistic. In order to stop the scroll, we wanted a funny and eye-catching way of communicating this.

This video was optimized for Facebook Ads and content, but we also delivered them Reels in a 9:16 aspect ratio in order to be posted and boosted on Instagram as well.


🐄 More brand recognition on social media

👔 A more professional appearance on their social media pages

☀️ Increased trust

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