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What is a Branding Video in Video Production?

Updated: Jan 26

Creating a strong digital presence needs an effective branding strategy. Creating a brand video can be the best way to tell your story, build trust, and get more conversions. Let's run through why getting a brand video done may be the perfect next move for your marketing strategy.

Video Production set for a Brand Video



What is a Branding Video?:

A branding video is a crafted visual story in video production made to showcase your brand's personality and uniqueness. It also communicates your core values, products/services, and your unique selling point. The goal of these videos is to evoke an emotional connection with your audience. This builds amazing trust!

If done the strategic way, they should resonate with your target audience as well, making it a very useful video asset.

The Importance of a Branding Video:

In a competitive online world, a well-crafted branding video will help you to stand out from your competition. Whoever can connect the most on a human level with their potential customers, (therefore staying top of mind) is the one who will be memorable. We feel that this is exactly the job of a brand story video. It goes beyond a picture, and beyond typed words.

Having this great first impression leads to trust, loyalty, and more conversions. Not to mention, when this brand video lives somewhere on your website, you can literally sell in your sleep. This video will work overtime for you, at no extra effort on your part, saving you time and resources trying to establish trust over phone calls or emails.

Benefits of Collaborating with a Video Production Company:

Video Production is a highly specialized skill, which is why most business owners don't have time to learn it on their own!

Collaborating with a video production company will:

  1. Save you time

  2. Save you money on gear and training to try to "DIY"

  3. Save you resources; like not trying to squeeze in some "quick" videos right before lunch. Or not having to sound like a broken record explaining the same thing over and over again to everyone you have a sales call with.

  4. Deliver you a final product which will actually look good, sound great, and perform well on your website and wherever else you share it.

And to top it all off, one huge benefit is that if you decide to work with a video production company on your brand video, chances are- your brand video will stay relevant for 3-7 years after getting it done. Amazing, right?

You can learn more about how video production communicates your brand by visiting our blog post here.

videographer filming with video production company

How to Find the Right Video Production Company:

Make sure to shop around to find the company that feels like the right fit. Most will offer a free Discovery Call, whereupon they will match you with a video that suits your needs if they feel you're a good fit.

To select the right video production company, go off of your "gut" feeling. Chances are, the better the flow is between you, the better the collaboration will be. But most importantly, make sure to notice whether or not they:

  1. Ask you lots of thorough questions

  2. Take lots of notes during the call (this means they care)

  3. Listen deeply and reflect back to you what you are talking about, to make sure they understand

If they do all of those 3 important things, this will ensure that you are picking someone who will be attentive to the nuance of your brand and message.

They should also be confident enough to guide you through the entire process.


People buy from people, not companies.

A branding video is an investment, as its benefits should greatly outweigh the cost and exponentiate over time. Building a brand takes time, building it with a professional branding video is an effective way!

Stay Awesome. 🎬

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