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Is Video Production A Good Idea? A Beginner's Guide.

Marketing in 2024: Is video production a good idea for your business? A simple guide to help you get an answer to this question.

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This guide is suitable for understanding where you're at in the PRESENT moment with your decision making process. Months or years down the road, you're (hopefully) going to be in a different place, and therefore your needs will be different. So please keep that in mind while reading.


Let's jump right in. First you need to establish if video is the right way to go. Then, you need to understand if it is something you can just DIY before investing, or if you need help from the pros.

So without further ado;

SECTION A: Is Video right for you?

First and foremost, the MOST IMPORTANT THING you need to understand is this;

➡️ Video marketing will not solve all of your marketing troubles.

Think of it like this- Just like a spoke in a wheel, video serves to ensure the wheel stays in motion and doesn't fall apart, but is not the wheel itself.

One must have a marketing strategy already in place in order to get the most benefit and success from video. Video uplifts and catalyzes all other marketing efforts, making you unstoppable.

Also, with video marketing, you need to have a goal in mind, even if it's just "I want more customers." You need to have some place to start.

If you're feeling curious without any kind of idea in mind, that probably means you aren't ready to hire a video production agency and maybe you just need to spend more time thinking about it. Re-visiting your marketing strategy and understanding what's working vs what's not will help get you on track to knowing what you need right now.

Sometimes as business owners, we can get distracted by "shiny object syndrome", and the thought of a pretty video gets us all excited. When really we need to ask ourselves; is this right for where we're at in our company right now? Let's jump into finding out if video is right for you right now.


"Video Marketing Maximizes Your Marketing Budget Potential. Investing in professional video production yields numerous benefits across various platforms. Video campaigns enable you to reach a broader audience, as videos have a higher likelihood of being shared on social media compared to text or images." Levy Production Group on LinkedIn


Time to ask yourself these questions;

  1. What are you trying to accomplish? (ie; what is your goal)?

  2. What marketing efforts are you already succeeding at that are driving traffic to your website?

  3. What are your expectations from video? Are they low or high?

  4. Why video? Is it because you need a training for employees? A conversion video on a landing page? (What purpose is it going to serve)?

  5. Are you ready to invest? Do you have a marketing budget in mind?

Which one are you?

➡️ If you don't know any answers to the questions above, chances are you aren't ready for professional video production, or you need to try another marketing avenue. If you're unsure, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to talk it over with you.

➡️ If you had an answer for #4, but you don't have a marketing budget, it would probably be a much better idea for you to go DIY and create those videos in-house. That way, you can start simple and gain an understanding of video marketing before investing in it. And it would probably be more helpful for you as well. 👍

➡️ If you pretty much had answers for every question above, and you still believe professional video production is right for you, keep reading but skip Section B below.

Section B: How Do I DIY Video for my Business?

The steps:

  1. Gain the skills you need to create decent videos

  2. Create a video marketing strategy

  3. Gather the gear you'll need to make it happen

  4. Do your own production

  5. Edit your own videos

  6. Implement them

Good for you! Boot-strappin' it is always a great way to gain results and experience without having to drop the cash up front.

And if you can commit to consistently filming, editing and posting videos for your business, you will immediately stand out online and benefit from using video. You may even gain valuable marketing insights into your business that you didn't have before.

What's even better, is if you can create DIY videos using mainly the gear you may already have on hand. (Super simple setup with your own smartphone!)

But in terms of resources for this, I will be creating a blog post to help you with this, releasing soon. When I do create it, that will be linked here.

Stay tuned for that! 💪🎬

SECTION C: Okay, I need help from the PRos!

So even after reading this, if you're thinking "Okay, I need the pros." What next?

You need to find the right video production partner for your project.

Shop around, look at their work, have some calls and get some quotes. Don't be shy! There are plenty of amazing video production companies out there that you can hire to get the job done well, and you'll hardly have to lift a finger for it making it easier for you.

You might be wondering, well how much is it going to cost? Blog post coming soon on that as well...

Thanks for reading! Please reach out if you have any questions.


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