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How Video Production Communicates Your Brand

Updated: Jan 16

Video is the fastest way to communicate who you are, what you do, and what makes you unique to your audience. In 2024, it is considered an indispensable marketing tool.

before we dive in, you need to know your brand

In order to communicate your brand, you need to know your brand, (duh). This includes colours, fonts, messaging, personality, imagery, and even archetype. If you can't communicate the basics of your brand, a video production company won't be able to communicate your brand through video. Check out this super helpful blog written on brand archetypes here.

Let's discuss the effectiveness of video production

A Video Production Company will walk you through a step-by-step process to understand who you are, and more about your brand. This ensures that the video production itself is a success in marketing your brand to the right people.

If you are doing this yourself, you're going to want to follow a similar process. Don't skip any steps in your pre-production. A post on the 5 steps of video production are coming soon- stay tuned.

Our humble opinion: "All in all, video is the Queen of marketing. She's reliable, strong, long-lasting, honest, engaging and effective. She's not a come-and-gone fad. In fact, she's becoming more and more valid claiming her rightful throne in the marketing Kingdom." 🏰

but why??

Take a moment to think about the most influential pieces of media in your life.

  • Books have probably been a great influence on your life

  • Radio

  • Magazines

  • Audiobooks

  • Podcast streaming

  • Anything else?

All of these convey useful, entertaining pieces of information to us in a way that's easy to consume.

Now think about all of the media in video format that has influenced you deeply at some point in your life. If you were born after 1970, then it's probably a lot.

And that's because video combines visuals, text AND audio together to create an engaging, personal experience. It's almost like being in the room with the people on screen. 🤯

Essentially, video can address the needs of 3/4 of the 4 different learning types. Ex: Radio only addresses auditory learners, meaning it will be more digestible for auditory learners but not visual or reading/writing learners.

it's basically a super "radio-book-magazine" hybrid 📡📖👩‍🏫🎥

💡Perfect for communicating your brand and telling a story.

Keep in mind though, video does take more effort to produce than say, a blog post like this or an update on LinkedIn. But it's 100% worth it.

what are the different kinds of video you can use to communicate your brand?

  1. A Brand Story Video: this is a very useful marketing video, because it can be used in over 11 places to create more touch points with your audience. This video communicates to your audience why you're the perfect fit for them, (among many other things!). See some great examples of this video in our work here.

  2. A Testimonial Video: an efficient way of showing someone that you do amazing work, and there are people who have benefitted from your work that your audience can relate with. This communicates trust, authority in your niche, and professionalism.

  3. Social Media Video Advertisements: This is the best way to get your brand out to people who don't know about you yet, creating the first touchpoint. Using video for this means you can make a great first impression, communicating your brand right from the get-go allowing you to show up consistently.

If you want to learn more about Branding Videos, visit our blog post here.


Knowing your brand + communicating it using video = effective marketing.

Also, video production does take more time and effort (especially if you DIY) than most forms of non-video content marketing. It's worth it though, especially if you take the right approach, don't skip any steps (check out our blog post on the 4 Phases of Video Production to learn the steps), and follow a thorough implementation strategy. (We also love that most of the time, the largest part of the effort is front-loaded and tapers off as soon as the video is completed!) Meaning it requires less energetic input in the future. 👍

Thanks for reading!

🎬 Stay Awesome.

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