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6 Ways to Use Brand Videos From Your Video Production

So you got some fancy new videos done by yourself or by a video production company: what now? How do you use them? Here's a step-by-step process so that you never get hung up on this. Hint: It's the most important step of video production!


Let me make this very clear: This is specifically for a Brand Story video, Testimonial video, or some other kind of branding video. This is not for social media videos, because they are a completely different game. If you're doing video production for social media videos, you'll need to do your research on how to properly implement those, speak to your video production company, or hire a marketing agency in order to get the results you need.




Why you should take the time to implement your new video

  1. Well, if you don't, it would be a waste of time and/or money

  2. If you don't, you wouldn't even finish the video production process, as this is the whole point of doing it: to send them out into the world and kick some serious butt!

  3. To achieve your original inspiration for making the video: why did you do it? Increased trust? Brand awareness? Attract & close your ideal client more often? Well, the only way to reach those goals is by implementing and using your video. So just do it.

  4. Your video production company can't (& won't) do it for you. You're the one with access to your website, you're the one with the email lists. It's up to you!

  5. You owe it to your past clients, and future ones too. They count on you for quality, and they're rooting for you behind the scenes. They want to see the best of you, and they want to see you succeed. You'd be surprised how much of an impact a well-made brand video can have on your online presence, social support, and increased professionalism for future clients.

If those points aren't convincing enough, then I don't know what is 😉 JUST IMPLEMENT YOUR VIDEO!

➡️ Have a late night sesh; pour yourself a glass of wine or cup of tea, put a record on, and spend 2-4 hours just putting your video everywhere! You seriously won't regret it.

Here's how.

video production company

Now without further adieu;

6 Ways to use your video:

  1. Upload it to Youtube and Vimeo: You can get a free account on both of these platforms. The reason you want to upload it to both of these platforms, is for SEO but also to use for embedding into your website, etc. Make sure to fill out all the fields appropriately, and optimize for SEO. Example for the title: "Sarah Smart, Realtor in Kelowna BC".

  2. Embed the Vimeo or Youtube video into the homepage of your website, as well as your "About" page: This helps with the loading speed of your website. Whatever you do, 🚫don't upload the video onto your website builder. Check out this blog post for a guide on how to embed a video into your website. It covers many kinds of website builders!

  3. Integrate it into your business email signature: If you work with a video production company, they should supply you with a gif of your brand story video. So you can either link your uploaded Brand Story Video to this gif, or embed the video itself into your email signature. Either way, you'll have a visual representation of your Brand Video in your email signature, easy for people to click on. And every conversation you have through email, you will easily and without thinking, be promoting your brand. (Without being pushy. They can either click on it or not). Here's a Youtube walkthrough for how to embed a gif into your email signature in Gmail. And, here's a blog for those of you with Outlook -it is a bit older, however I think it is still valid as it ranked very high in Google. If you have Outlook and this doesn't work, please let me know, haha.

  4. Optimize for SEO: Create a blog post including a title optimized for SEO that includes your embedded Brand Story Video in it. Write a 500-1000 word blog post about your Brand Story Video, your brand, and how you like to serve your customers/clients. You could even talk about your unique process. Read this helpful blog post for how to create an SEO title for your blog post.

  5. Post it to all of Your Social Media Accounts: Hot Tip: Upgrade your Video Package with your video production company and ask for social edits in the correct size for all of your accounts. Make sure your video production company understands the correct ratios depending on what platforms you're posting it on! Here's a great example of a client of ours posting their Brand Story to Facebook and achieving amazing results. (You'll need to login to Facebook to view it). By posting your Brand Story Video to all of your social media accounts, this brings more awareness to what you're doing. AND if you "pin" it to the top of your profile, you can leave it up for years to come. It will work for you behind the scenes, so you can make money while you sleep.

  6. Put it on Loop at Trade Shows: No more boring stock footage rolling behind you at your next trade show. Enter: An engaging, eye-catching brand video with the faces of your company in it, showing off what makes your brand unique and stopping foot traffic all around. Use a program to put in on an endless loop, then you don't even have to think about it. Spark conversations and attract your ideal connections.

Kelowna video production

Before you get started...

How to properly format it:

Every time you use your Brand Story video somewhere, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Use a short, catchy title with keywords in it. Ex: "Luxury Homes Realty; Our Story"

  2. Use a hook at the beginning of your description. Ex: "We're changing the landscape of real estate..."

  3. Create an engaging, light description. (No chunky paragraphs, and break it up with lists and bullet points instead). Use emojis if they're on-brand for you.

  4. Make sure that when you upload your Brand video as a Reel, TikTok or Short- that you're using the proper ratio of 9:16. This might seem obvious to some, but the reality is it's very unclear how to use these different types of video options when you're someone first starting out with social media. Don't worry! Sprout Social has a cheat sheet here.

Track your results:

Take note of what happens in your business 3 months, 6 months, and years down the line after posting your Brand Video.

Keep an eye on your analytics both on your website and social media channels to see if you can spot trends in the ways people interact with your Brand Video. If you install a heat map on your website, you can understand how people are interacting with your Brand Video, as well as how long they linger on it.


And finally, some bonus 🔥spicy ways🔥 to use your video for the rebels in the back: (advanced)

  1. 🌶 Send it to Prospects and Investors: This is the perfect reason to reach out and make a connection! Send an email or LinkedIn message to your ideal clients or investors who you already have a connection with, including your Brand Video. You can phrase the message as: "Hey so & so, how are you? I saw you recently had another baby. Congrats! I wanted to send you a brand video we made, to introduce our brand and create a connection. Let me know what you think."

  2. 🔥 Run an ads campaign through Meta or Google (or both): You can run either an awareness campaign or a conversion campaign using your Brand Story Video. Hot Tip: Ask your video production company for a shorter 30 second edit of your Brand Video for this purpose. If you have experience in running ads, have a marketing team, or a marketing agency, this is a great way to leverage your Brand Video.

  3. 💣 Use it in your LinkedIn engagement strategy: When engaging and messaging with connections on LinkedIn, after talking for a bit, send them your Brand Video! It could be a great conversation starter, help them to get curious about your brand, and create more authentic connections. This will help you to stand out from the crowd.

  4. 💪 Send it to all of your past clients and connections: Hey! Brand new video = a cause for celebration! Send it to all past clients and all of your close networks and business partners. Be easy going and cool about it. "Hi, how's it going, so&so? I thought you might like to see a new project we've completed with a video production company! Check it out." This allows you to strike up a conversation, and who knows, your past clients might need you again, your connections might share it with their networks, and so on.

That's it, have fun implementing and integrating your video in the best ways possible. And let us know if you come up with a way to share your video that we haven't yet shared here!

🎬 Stay Awesome.


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