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Kelly Bateson Media
Landing Page Conversion video

Client: Kelly Bateson Media

Industry: Digital Marketing

Timeline: 4 weeks


Our strategy for this custom video was to create something personable and on-brand for Kelly Bateson Media that would help her landing page convert more leads for her coaching offering.

1:1 Coaching for the Digital Marketing space is really what a new media agency owner needs. They would waste their money and time if they tried a "cheaper" alternative like group coaching for business in general. Kelly really wanted to highlight how her over 10 years of experience is valuable to someone just starting out. And that it would be faster, easier, and cheaper to actually just find a niche-specific 1:1 coach. 


😄 Aligned clients excited to work with her

💎 A successful coaching launch with many new clients

🍀 Better ROI on ad spend

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